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SIGNATURE COCKTAILS The magic of tea by Ole Buddrus: Signature cocktails…
Combining the traditional taste of tea with the modern cocktail culture, the world-famous mixologist Ole Buddrus creates unique signature cocktails. Turning each sip into a delightful journey, these special cocktails promise an unforgettable feast for everyone who are looking for different tastes
Celebrate every moment of the day
The drink menu that we have created delicately for you to enjoy a delightful vacation, celebrate your special moments and pair with gourmet delicacies, includes exclusive drinks from all over the world.
Celebrate every moment of the day
Perfection in every sip.
Wines made specially from the most precious grapes in the vineyards, whiskeys inspired by the mystical lands of Scotland, rakis from the centuries-old tradition of Anatolia, creative blends and much more... Consisting of drinks, all of which are the most premium in their segments, our drink menu is served free of charge as part of the Collection concept
Perfection in every sip.
Innovative flavors, creative presentations
Our carefully prepared cocktails turn into a visual feast with their extraordinary flavors and modern presentations. Our drink menu, which highlights the taste and visual appeal of each drink, includes classic cocktails as well as original and creative drink options.
Innovative flavors, creative presentations
Are you ready for an inspiring holiday in Antalya?

Lara Barut Collection awaits you with its modern architecture, rooms in different segments, gourmet restaurants and delightful privileges.

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